Effective Tricks To Relieve Any Pain

If you have a pain too intense as the pain that you feel inside your tooth, you will have to cure it so that the brain stops warning you that something is going wrong causing you to suffer, looking for a dentist in Tijuana for root canals in this case, but while, you can trick you into hurting you less.

If we were given the possibility to eliminate the pain of our life we ??would accept without hesitation. Big mistake. Pain is just a signal produced by our nervous system to indicate that we are suffering some damage: the wounds do not hurt on a whim, they hurt so that we realize that we have them and we do something so that they do not go further. Nobody likes to suffer, but without pain our life would be much more complicated (and short).

Pain receptors, or nociceptors, are an essential element for survival. Humans who are insensitive to pain have injuries constantly (because nothing warns them when, for example, they adopt a wrong body position) and any animal that has damaged the ability to perceive pain ends up dead in a matter of hours.

Pain does not exist beyond our nervous system. It is a sensory and emotional experience, so there are basically two ways to alleviate it: ending those sources of pain (anything that triggers the alarm in our brain) or directly affecting the nervous system so that it does not unleash the mechanisms that unleash this.

If you make a wound, you will have to cure it so that the brain stops warning you that something is going wrong causing you to suffer but, while, you can trick it so that it hurts less. This is what we do when we take an analgesic, the family of drugs that act on the nervous system to reduce pain. But there are other types of techniques, complementary to medication, that can help you relieve a pain with little effort.

1. Cross your fingers

It sounds ridiculous, but it is not. In an experiment a small burning sensation was applied to the fingers of a group of people. The researchers found that crossing the fingers markedly reduced the sensation of pain.

Why does estonbsp occur? As the authors of the study, recently published in the journal Current Biology, explain, pain is a signal that indicates where something is failing; when we cross our fingers we confuse the brain, which does not know well where to make you feel pain, so it reduces.

This mechanism works not only with the fingers, but also with any limb. A previous investigation, published in the magazine Pain, showed that when suffering a blow or burn in the hand or the arm it is enough to cross the extremities so that this one is reduced.

2. Sleep

Resist pain it is enough to sleep more. Scientists are blunt about it: sleeping 10 hours, two more than recommended, is more effective in relieving pain than codeine, one of the most potent analgesics that can be found in a pharmacy.

The relationship of sleep with pain works in both directions: people who sleep less than they should be more sensitive to pain than those who sleep the recommended eight hours.

3. Listen to your favorite album

Our favorite music can help us alleviate pain. In their experiment the participants received a burn to feel pain and were separated into three groups: those who listened to their favorite music claimed to feel less pain than those who were put on non-musical sounds and those who did not hear anything.

As the authors explain in the study, the music we like activates the pleasure centers, especially the nucleus accumbens, and has an analgesic effect.

4. Curse

Swearing is common when we feel pain but the funny thing is that it really helps us alleviate this. People can better tolerate pain when we can insult it out loud.